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Kindergarten Curriculum

Kindergarten Curriculum

在WDS,幼儿园项目以创造一个温暖和养育的环境而自豪,在这里,孩子们培养了对学习的热爱,并通过个性化的学习建立了积极的社会关系, 以学生为中心,让每个孩子都能在各个领域(包括社交领域)茁壮成长, emotional, intra and inter–personal, speech and language, physical, and academic areas. 幼儿园通过介绍和接触实践来实现这一目标, 具体和现实生活的经验,包括大自然的奇迹,我们的美丽, 26 acres on the Long Island Sound, 丰富的教室和适合发展的学习环境. 

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  • Language Arts

    Our balanced literacy program emphasizes the teaching of reading, emphasizing a strong foundation in phonemic awareness, 建立坚实的视觉词汇,加强理解能力. Our print rich environment includes word walls, classroom libraries and cross-curricular experience charts, 辅以小的阅读小组和广泛的日常写作活动,通过教师指导和独立的形式, which include journal and independent opportunities.  学生们在学习如何正确组成大写和小写字母的同时复习所有字母的发音. They co-author a number of collaborative and individual books. 我们的识字课程符合并在很多情况下超过了共同核心标准.
  • Math

    我们的数学课程提供了一个动手的方法来理解基本概念,使用操纵/游戏, graphs and calendar based activities. 他们学会从1、2、5、10数到100甚至更多. The students will compare and order numbers, engage in the concepts of addition, subtraction, estimation, calendar, patterns and measurement. 
  • Technology

    Students learn to manipulate a mouse, 登录和退出一个程序,并通过成功制造者计划介绍键盘的基础知识. 数学和阅读技能提高使用互动,个性化的成功制造者计划.  In class, the children use Star Falls, a game-based, academic program to enhance literacy and math skills. 
  • Science

    动手科学教学包括研究生物和非生物之间的区别:人体, the five senses, trees, plants and seeds, animals, butterflies, the weather, the solar system, light and dark, composting, trees, geology and tide pools.  
  • Social Studies

    Our social studies unit incorporates American holidays and communities. The students learn and recite the Pledge of Allegiance, and sing and many of the patriotic songs of our country.
  • Judaic Studies

    我们Limudei Kodesh课程的主要重点是培养对Torah的热爱, Mitzvot, Am Yisrael, Klal Yisrael and Hashem. Students learn through daily tefillah, weekly parsha stories and plays, our Kabbalat Shabbat performance, and interactive and multi-sensory holiday activities. 孩子们努力创造有意义的手工艺品来纪念每一个祭品. 
  • Hebrew

    希伯来语通过简单的指导融入到学习的方方面面, sight words, daily tefillah, Hebrew songs, games and blessings. 我们的希伯来语教育加强了以色列教师的存在,每天都在说话和互动. 
  • Israel

    全年都强调以色列国存在的重要性, through constant discussion, singing of HaTikvah on a daily basis, and other fun-filled activities, culminating with a virtual trip to Israel in honor of Yom HaAtzmaut. 

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威彻斯特走读学校是一所现代正统,男女同校,双课程,幼儿到8岁th 这是一所犹太学校,以他们自己的方式激励和教育我们的学生重视人性, mitzvot, and lifelong learning.