Children grow and develop skills at different ages and stages. These are the broad goals and skills that teachers of the 3’s and 4’s will be working towards.  The teachers facilitate a developmentally appropriate program that is designed to promote each child’s intellectual, 社会, 情感, 以及身体发育.  All activities are skill based and goal-oriented, to help children reach their own personal best.

Ganon 3 & 4 .发展目标


  • 语言和读写目标

    • Use increasingly longer sentences to communicate ideas, thoughts, and feelings
    • Actively participate in maagal (circle time) class discussions
    • Listens and understands directions (2 step, 3 step)
    • Listens with interest and understanding to a wide variety of age-appropriate literature
    • Exhibits an interest in reading books, stories, poems
    • Uses language to retell stories and experiences to both describe and ask questions
    • Use different forms of writing to express ideas (drawing, letters)
    • 记住自己的名字和朋友的名字
    • Recognize letters – begin matching sounds to letters
    • 培养音位意识, 识别和创造押韵, 查找以给定声音开头的单词, 以及识别单词中的声音
    • Arrange stories and events into beginning, middle, and end order
    • 生成问题来收集信息
    • 讲正题
    • 开始写自己的名字
  • 数字感目标

    • 找出并说出数字1 - 10的名字
    • 1对1对应,数字到数量1-10
    • Use positional and ordinal numbers in everyday activities (first, second, third vs. 一,二,三)
    • Use concrete objects to solve simple addition and subtraction problems
    • 熟悉与日历相关的语言
    • 熟悉U.S. 硬币
    • 通过属性探索和描述对象
    • Recognize, reproduce, extend, create, and compare repeating patterns
    • Explore and identify space, direction, size, and position of objects, or places
    • 估计和测量
  • 社会情感目标

    • 遵循常规并管理过渡
    • Negotiate with peers to resolve conflicts and share feelings
    • 展示轮流/分享的能力
    • 展示自信
    • 认真使用课堂材料
    • 参加大部分活动
    • Interacts with one or more children during active times
    • 表现出同情和关心他人
    • 表现出对学习的渴望
    • 在循环时间内坐着
    • 等待轮到他或她说话
    • 用语言来解决冲突
    • 需要时寻求帮助
    • Completes tasks, is curious, focuses on a task for a period of time, is an active learner
  • 自助的目标

    • 独立使用卫生间
    • 理解并遵守课堂规则
    • 独立进食,适当使用餐具
    • 把外套挂在挂钩上
    • 在需要的时候用语言寻求帮助
    • Dresses self, zips coat with help working towards independence
    • Can find work/activities in the classroom independently
  • 犹太人的传统

    • Tefillah(祈祷)
    • 祝福在食物上/祝福在食物之后
    • Tzedakah(慈善)
    • Chaggim(假期)
    • 安息日的庆祝活动
    • 托拉故事/每周帕拉夏
    • 一下
  • 犹太价值观

    • 一下
    • 善良和同理心(象棋)
    • 尊重
  • 希伯来语言

    • Hebrew language incorporated into classroom activities: calendar, weather, songs, and story books
    • 在课堂上以以色列语为母语
    • 熟悉希伯来语会话




威彻斯特走读学校 is a Modern Orthodox, 男女合校, dual-curriculum, toddler to 8th grade Jewish school that inspires and educates our students in their own way to value menschlichkeit, 一下, 终身学习.